Top 10 frequently asked questions about fan filter unit (FFU)

What is a fan filter unit? How to choose the right FFU? These are top 10 questions people frequently ask about fan filter unit (FFU). Let’s find out! 

1. What is FFU? 

FFU, also known as fan filter unit, is air-cleaning equipment, which is normally ceiling-mounted. It is used to provide the filtered air in a unidirectional path in cleanrooms.

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2. What are the components of fan filter unit?

The main components of FFU are housing, a fan, HEPA filter, motor, and controller.

Housing: made of galvanized steel, powder-coated steel or stainless steel SUS 304. The housing material is designed according to the customer’s requirements

Centrifugal-type fan with motor: sucks and blows the air to create the static pressure, then brings the air through HEPA filter.

HEPA filter: the most important part of FFU, which filters the air and creates a fresh and clean environment for laboratories, workshops, cleanrooms, etc.

Controller: equipped with a 3-position switch for speed control, and on/off switch. There are 3 levels of fan speed (low, medium, and high)

3. Where is FFU mainly used? 

FFU can be used in many places, such as cleanrooms, laboratories, operating room, food manufacturing lines, even your house.

4. How to choose the right FFU? 

There are mainly two types of FFU, standard and non-standard. If there are no special requirements, as long as it can meet the requirements of the standard FFU parameters, you can choose the standard ones. If the standard FFU does not meet the requirements, you can customize it. The standard FFUs are available, while non-standard ones take time to produce.

5. What are the FFU materials? 

FFU material can be divided into aluminum-zinc plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy plate, powder-coated plate

6. What are the dimensions of FFU? 

FFU has 2 standard sizes (LxWixD): 1175x575x250 mm and 575x575x250 mm

If you want another size of FFU, it can be customized.

7. Can FFU be customized? 

Fan filter unit can be customized according to the different requirements of different customers. Normally, material and size of the FFU is changed. If there are special needs, other parameters can be changed.

8. What is fan filter unit (ffu) working principle? 

The air is pulled in from outside through the pre-filter by the motor, then it is forced through the HEPA filter and goes out. The fan filter unit is unducted. Most of the time, fan filter unit pulls air from ceiling plenum, pulls it out before it goes to space

9. How is FFU controlled? 

There are 4 types of control methods:

  • Continuous speed adjustment control mode
  • Multi-speed switch control mode
  • Computer control mode
  • Remote control mote

These methods should be selected according to the actual situation.

10. What is the difference between DC FFU and AC FFU? 

Compared with AC FFU, DC FFU has more advantages. It can also be said that DC FFU is an improved version of AC FFU. DC FFU aims at advocating more environmental protection and energy saving. DC FFU is widely used because it helps deploy group control FFU. However, the price of DC FFU is higher than that of AC FFU. In general, choosing AC FFU or DC FFU depends on your needs.

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