The disadvantages of FFU

The FFU is clean air equipment, consisting of a high-efficiency filter with a blower (different from a fan without enclosure), a dedicated hanging system, turbocharger, clean air system, and lights. So what are the disadvantages of FFU?

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1. FFU is likely to have problems and difficult to maintain

Due to a large number of blowers after FFU arrangement, it is likely that problems will arise. This equipment system is mounted from the ceiling, so maintenance will become more difficult. The middle air conditioning system is easier to maintain because of small quantity. This is not entirely a downside. The FFU system is fragmented because of the large number. Only a small number of this equipment fail and cannot cause serious damage to the cleanliness level. Finding and repairing faulty FFUs has no effect on cleanroom cleanliness.
Meanwhile, only one AHU breaks down in the centralized air supply system, a large area of ​​cleanroom will stop working, affecting greatly production activities. In most projects, coolers, air compressors, purified water equipment, water pumps, and vacuum pumps are not designed to minimize the impact of equipment breakdown. So do the air conditioner box.

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2. The investment cost is high

Another disadvantage of FFU is that it has a fairly high price. However, this is not considered a downside. After all, the initial investment cost is high but the maintenance cost is relatively low later. To partially solve this problem, you can find out the FFU that VCR Cleanroom offers, at an affordable price, but the quality is very guaranteed and it is trusted by many people.

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Nhược điểm của FFU

Fan filter unit 

3. FFU energy consumption is huge

This air purifier consumes quite a large amount of energy. However, with the development of new technology, there have been alternatives for lower energy consumption. Therefore, it is not a big drawback.

In fact, with the development of technology, the FFU disadvantages can be overcome gradually and will remain the most competitive equipment in the future.

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