1. Fan Filter Unit Warranty

  • Warrant a change in 12 months

VCR will be responsible for warranting defects of FFU (fan filter unit) that is not made by customers, such as: 

+ Technical errors of FFU

+ FFU breaks down when reaching customer, the wrong type of FFU is delivered

+  Errors belong to manufacturers

Customer has not voluntarily intervened to repair FFU or had it repaired at a service center without the authorization of VCR.

  • Products are free warranty if guaranteed these conditions:

+ Warranty stamp and stamp seals by manufacturers of Fan Filter Unit on the product intact.

+ FFU (fan filter unit) is not broken, deformed, scratched due to the customer’s fault.

2. FFU Shipping

Domestic shipping

When receiving FFU from shippers, please check the product immediately. If there are any problems related to type, quality, and quantity of the product, please make a confirmation record with the courier, and immediately inform VCR to handle problems.

We hope customers carefully check the product upon delivery and let us know instantly.

3. Payment:

  • Paying 100% before receiving FFU

  • Full payment upon order: there will be a discount of 5% of the order value

4. FFU Order:


Hotline: 090.123.9008 (Call/Sms/Zalo)

Email: cskh.vcr@gmail.com

Chatapp on website: www.ffu.com.vn or www.vietnamcleanroom.com

Orders are done when there is a confirmation email sent to you by VCR.

Products are available at warehouse for domestic delivery in 1-3 days, for imported goods in 10-15 days.

   5. FFU agency policy

  • Agency discount:

Based on the sales, agents will be entitled to a discount.

+ Agents will be rewarded with additional discounts when paying early, or achieving sales commitment monthly / quarterly.

  • Payment:

+ Agents must pay 100% before delivery.

+ Agents with stable sales, from 6 months, will enjoy better preferential rates on credit and debt policies.

  • Other support

Agents are provided with technical support, information, catalogs, etc. related to FFU when there is a need in sales process.

  • Requirements for agents:

+ Actively build a sales network by means of healthy activities, showing professionalism

+ Do not trade in products of unknown origin

+ If you are exclusive distributor, do not sell similar products of other brands.