Question 1: What is Fan Filter Unit (FFU)?

Q. What is Fan Filter Unit (FFU)?

Fan filter unit (FFU) is clean air equipment, which is used in cleanrooms of semiconductor fabrication plants,…FFU is normally installed on suspended ceiling grid system. In massive cleanrooms, the numbers of FFU could range from hundreds to thousands.  

Question 2: What are advantages of installing FFU in cleanroom?

Q. What are advantages of installing FFU in cleanroom?

1. Construction time could be reduced
2. Cleanliness level from Class 1 to Class 1000 could be set differently in each area
3. There is no air leakage from the ceiling
4. The installation of fan filter unit partly decides cleanroom construction method
5. Airflow could be adjusted in each area
6. The arrangement of FFU decides changes in cleanroom

Question 3: What are the conditions of installing FFU in cleanroom?

Q. What are the conditions of installing FFU in cleanroom?

Here are some environmental conditions and dress code requirements for FFU installers:

  1. When FFU is installed, cleanroom must be closed completely. It takes 3 days for it to remove all the dust and clean entirely the room
  2. Installers must wear clean clothes and gloves in order to prevent dirt from entering fan filter unit and HEPA filter
  3. 6 installers per group are recommended
  4. Ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper in HEPA filter is easily broken and damaged, therefore do not drop the filter or open the package during transportation, do not touch filter materials with bare hands.
    Inside fan filter unit

    Inside fan filter unit

Question 4: What are the steps to install FFU?

Q. What are the steps to install FFU?

Step 1: Prepare the necessary tools and aluminum ladders to install the FFU. Two workers are expected to install on the ceiling, prepare the ladder frame and the screw bar for the handrail. Pay attention to safety! Please refer to the picture below.

Step 2: Two more people are expected to put the FFU on the high table, and have a high-efficiency filter ready for the installation.

Step 3: When the preparation is ready, the cleanroom workers put the fan filter unit on top of the ceiling, and the workers on the ceiling take device from the cleanroom workers.

Step 4: The FFU needs to be tilted and lifted upwards. 

Step 5: The workers on the ceiling lift the FFU and the cleanroom workers install a high-efficiency filter from below.

Step 6: The filter is tilted up (pay attention to the correct orientation)

Step 7: After the HEPA filter is put in the right place, the workers should install stably, please turn to the fan filter unit body to check whether any corners are pressed against the HEPA filter or not.