fan filter unit safety precautions

FFU Fan Filter Unit Safety Precautions

In the interest of promoting safety of fan filter unit (FFU) industry, VCR has prepared the following information to assist service personnel in safely installing and servicing FFU. 

1. Basic fan filter unit safety precautions

– It is advisable to use it indoors

– To avoid malfunctions (box deformation,…), do not install the product at the corner of the room

– Select ceiling structure that can bear the weight of fan filter unit

– Long and direct exposure to low temperature, high humid, oily smoke would be harmful to the life span of FFU

– Do not use FFU in flammable and explosive environment

fan filter unit safety precautions


2. Electrical safety precautions

– Fan filter unit must be put in place before wiring to avoid personal injury. All wiring must be installed by qualified electricians

– The power supply cord must be connected with a socket with a protective ground wire to ensure the safe use

– Upon malfunctioning, first turn the appliance off, disconnect it from the power supply, inform the professional for maintenance

– To avoid accidents (electric shock, fire,…), do not modify the electrical circuit without authorization

– Do not maintain the appliance if it is connected to the power supply

– When FFU is out of service for a long time, pull out the power supply cord from the socket

3. Operation safety precautions

Be sure to cut off the power supply before fan filter unit (FFU) installation

Here are some fan filter unit safety precautions, read more about this product at:

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