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Fan Filter Unit – FFU Components And Their Functions

What Is An FFU Made Of?

FFU components are the fundamental parts that comprise an FFU, such as air inlet, controller, handle, HEPA filter, fan, and body.

FFU Components

                                                                                                                       FFU Components

FFU (Fan Filter Unit) Components’ Function 

1. FFU Pre-filter

Prefilter is installed depending on usage purposes. It can prevent the particulates ≥5µm. If the environment is dirty, a prefilter should be installed to remove large particles.

2. FFU Frame

The frame which covers internal parts of FFU, is made of powder-coated sheet steel, stainless steel, aluminum,…

Bộ phận FFU - Vỏ ngoài

FFU – VCR1175

3. Handle

FFU has each handle on 2 sides for easy delivery and installation

FFU - VCR 1175 - Handle

 FFU Handle

4. Hanging Accessories

Hanging accessories are used to mount FFU on the ceiling. They are just optional parts. If customers demand, manufacturers will provide.

5. Air Inlet

It delivers the airflow with a quiet sound level

6. FFU Fan

The fan is designed according to customers’ requirements.

7. HEPA Filter

HEPA filter is available offering efficiency up to 99% on 0.3 micron for the clean operating requirements. There are many types of filter such as H13,14, ULPA,…

FFU - Fan Filter Unit-VCR 1175

FFU and Hepa filter

8. Controller

It adjusts the speed and power of this device.

FFU - Fan Filter Unit-VCR 1175


FFU components should be cleaned regularly with an approved cleaning solution.

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