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FFU Applications In Cleanrooms For Electronics Manufacturing

Nowadays, FFUs are widely used in many industries such as food processing, hospital,…The electronics industry is not an exception. So what is FFU application in electronic cleanrooms? Let’s find out.

1. Electronics industry standards

The electronics industry requires large cleanroom area, high level of cleanliness (Class 100, class 1000). In this industry, air purification systems usually often have disadvantages such as huge investment costs, high energy consumption, long construction process, as well as high renovation cost.

FFU is clean air equipment, which can improve these disadvantages and are widely-used in cleanrooms for electronics manufacturing in Vietnam and other countries. FFU can be applied as:

    • FFU
    • Aluminum frame system synchronous with FFU
    • Cooling tube
    • Clean air system


2. FFU in electronic cleanrooms

FFU (Fan Filter Unit) in electronic cleanrooms consists of a body case, a fan, Hepa Filter, and a controller. It can be used as a laminar flow unit (top-down direct airflow) and can be used for the cleanroom multi-directional air supply unit, mainly in the power industry.

FFU - Fan Filter Unit-VCR 1175

Fan filter unit in electronic cleanroom

3. 3 advantages of FFU in electronic cleanrooms

  • The system is flexible and easy to renovate and can adjust the number of air supply units to change the amount of air conduction (i.e. the number of air changes) in the room. To save space, it is possible to arrange many pipes, lights, nozzles, and electrostatic neutralizing equipment in the static pressure box on the ceiling.
  • If the factory is large, it is necessary to omit the large and long return air duct for energy-saving purpose

  • Close negative pressure. No need to worry about leaks caused by filter installation during FFU operation

FFU - Fan Filter Unit-VCR 1175

FFU VCR 1175

Besides the electronics industry, FFUs are widely-used in:

  • FFU in pharmaceutical cleanrooms
  • FFU in cleanrooms for hospital
  • FFU in laboratories
  • FFU in food processing cleanrooms

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