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How to maintain FFU? | Fan filter unit maintenance

It is clear that fan filter unit maintenance is a very important issue. Good maintenance of the FFU will increase the life of the FFU blower filter and save a certain amount of expenses for business. Here are the things needed to maintain FFU: 

1. Replace the filter during fan filter unit maintenance

According to the environmental cleanliness level, the filter of FFU in the cleanroom should be replaced regularly. The lifetime of HEPA filter is usually 6-12 months. A High-efficiency filter that cannot be cleaned needs to be replaced.

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How to maintain FFU

HEPA filter

2. Measure the cleanliness of cleanroom periodically

You should use a dust sensor to measure the cleanliness of cleanroom areas every 2 months. When the measured cleanliness does not match the required cleanliness, it is necessary to find the cause (Check whether the HEPA filter is working effectively, there are leaks or not …). If the HEPA filter is defective or out of date, the new filter should be replaced.

3. During fan filter unit maintenance, it needs to stop for the HEPA filter and the pre-filter replacement

You must stop the machine when changing the filter to be safe and avoid problems.

4. When the FFU blower filter unit changes the high-efficiency filter, here are things that should be considered

  • When replacing the high-efficiency filter in FFU machine, special care should be taken when opening the box, transporting, and installing it to ensure that the filter paper is intact and undamaged during installation.
  • Before installing the FFU, please expose the new high-efficiency filter to the light, observe if the high-efficiency filter is damaged by transportation or other reasons, if the filter paper has holes, it cannot be used.
  • When replacing the FFU high-efficiency filter, first remove the box, then remove the damaged high-efficiency filter and replace it with a new one. Note that the high-efficiency filter’s airflow arrow mark must be in the correct direction. Make sure the frame is sealed, then return the canister cover to its original position

Good fan filter unit maintenance significantly saves the HEPA filter replacement cost, so the user should keep these items in mind.
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