FFU advantages

Fan Filter Unit (FFU) and six exclusive advantages

The Fan Filter Unit FFU functions almost like a conventional HEPA air outlet, both the air supply head in the cleanroom. So what is the advantage of FFU?

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1. Definition of FFU

First of all, let’s find out what is FFU, FFU stands for FAN FILTER UNIT. That means combining a fan and filter to form a filter terminal that can operate independently.

2. History of the FFU

As early as the 1960s, scientists at the Sandia National Laboratory in San Francisco, USA, have successfully developed a stratospheric flow technology using HEPA filters. Thereafter, commercial fan filter units were widely used in a number of operating rooms and industrial plants in the United States.

However, it was not until 1984 that FFU was adopted on a large scale in Asia (about 5,000 units). So what is the reason why it has not been widely developed for such a long time, there are 3 dominant issues as follows:

  • The first problem: Loud noise.
  • The second problem: Is the pressure balance, the very large static pressure in the box, and whether the blowers at different angles in the static box can balance the pressure, at that time it cannot be guaranteed.
  • The third problem: Maintenance problem. The production cost of the FFU is relatively high, if the engine life cannot be guaranteed, the replacement cost will be extra. These are the main reasons why companies back then did not choose to use FFU equipment.

3. Advantages of FFU

FFU has 6 unique advantages, mainly include the following:


Because fan filter unit is a self-sufficient air unit, it is not limited by area. In a clean room with a large area, will control in different areas depending on needs. Furthermore, when the semiconductor manufacturing process changes, the plant’s layout must be adjusted accordingly. FFU’s flexibility makes adjustments easy and requires no second investment.


In theory, this equipment that has not been used for a while can be taken down, sealed, and retained for later use.

  Negative pressure ventilation

This is a unique feature of fan filter unit. Because it can provide static pressure by itself, the canister supplies the same air as a cleanroom. In this way, the dust particles in the static pressure box are not subjected to pressure and do not leak into the outside environment, making sealing simple and safe.

  Shorten construction time

The use of fan filter unit saves the production and installation of ducts, as the duct takes up a lot of installation time in a cleanroom building. Regardless of the investor’s desire to invest in high returns, choosing to use this equipment will help make that happen.

  Minimize operating costs

In spite of the FFU selection force, the initial investment is higher than using duct for ventilation, during later operation, it has the outstanding advantage of saving energy and needing no maintenance. maintenance.


Compared with the RCU HEPA system, the FFU DCC MAU system takes up less height in the supply static box and basically takes up no space in the cleanroom. The RCU system is hung from the ceiling or installed in a clean room, it takes up a lot of space.

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