What are the advantages of FFU?

The FFU is clean air equipment, consisting of a high-efficiency filter with a blower (different from a fan without enclosure), a dedicated hanging system, turbocharger, clean air system, and lights.

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1. FFU is flexible and adjustable at any time

Since the Cleanroom wall panels are arranged according to the modularity of each ceiling cell (such as 1200*600) and the connecting structure is special, wall panels in cleanroom can be adjusted to change the layout of the room. At the same time, if cleanliness level of cleanroom needs to be adjusted, it is possible by increasing or decreasing the number of FFU. This is almost impossible with centralized supply air conditioning systems. 

Fan filter unit

Fan filter unit

2. Airflow from FFU is steady

Airflow from the fan of fan filter unit is so steady that it helps avoid the air volume balance of each air grill of the centralized supply air conditioning system. It is useful for one-way or perpendicular airflow cleanrooms.

3. FFU is significantly energy-saving

FFU system does not require air duct, except clean air from air duct and a large amount of airflow return in a small cycle, therefore the resistance of the duct is considerably reduced. Meanwhile, the speed of the air inside is about 0,35 ~ 0,45m/s. The new FFU has high-efficiency motor, improved fan blade shape, helping improve overall efficiency. It is estimated that fan filter unit system could save more 30% energy than the central air-conditioning supply filtration system, so investing in this equipment will reduce the initial investment cost and save operating costs.

FFU - Fan filter unit

Fan filter unit for cleanroom

4. Using FFU is space-saving

Because a duct is removed, it takes a little space to install FFU. It is well suited for projects with limited floor heights. Another benefit of having fewer windpipes is that it gives plenty of room and shortens installation time.

5. Vents, lights, smoke detectors, spray nozzles, neutral electrostatic equipment are perfectly arranged

These cleanroom equipment are arranged on the ceiling reasonably and neatly. In a central air-conditioning system, the layout of these devices is often quite complicated.

6. Negative pressure is closed

The static pressure box of the FFU air supply system is negative pressure, even if there is a leak in the air duct during installation, the static pressure from the box will not pollute the cleanroom. 

To sum up, there are 6 great advantages of using fan filter unit in cleanroom projects. Hopefully, the article will help you better understand this device and its advantages.

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