Advantages of FFU

5 Advantages Of FFU

FFU is an air purification product with a lightweight structure. FFU design can be changed according to customized requirements. What are benefits of FFU system? Here are five advantages of FFU system introduced by VCR.

1. Flexible and easy to replace and install

FFU has its own power. It is also self-contained and modular, and the matching filter is easy to replace, so it is not restricted by area. In the cleanroom, it can be controlled according to the needs and replaced and moved as needed.

2. Negative pressure ventilation

Since FFU can provide static pressure, the cleanroom has a positive pressure relative to the outside, so that external particles will not be leaked into cleanroom, making the seal simple and safe.

3. Short installation period

Using FFU eliminates the production and installation of air ducts and shortens the construction period.

4. Small operating costs

Although the initial investment is higher than the use of air ducts when selecting FFU, it has outstanding features such as energy-saving and maintenance-free in later operation.

5. Space-saving

Compared with other systems, the FFU system occupies less floor height in the air supply static pressure box and basically does not occupy cleanroom space.

These are 5 advantages of FFU, which help you consider using FFU in your cleanroom. If you think this article is helpful, share it with your friends.

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